SampleManager LIMS, SDMS and LES Software


SampleManager LIMS, SDMS and LES Software

Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS, SDMS and LES Software

Drive productivity, ensure compliance, simplify processes and increase organizational efficiency using the world’s most widely used LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System). The Thermo Scientific ™ SampleManager LIMS ™ software provides laboratory management, data management (SDMS), and process execution/ELN (LES) capabilities in a single solution. Laboratories in all industries, including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, oil and gas, petrochemical, water and environmental, manufacturing, and testing rely on LIMS’ SampleManager software to unlock the power of their laboratory data.

​From smaller individual lab deployments to global multi-site deployments, LIMS’s SampleManager software delivers everything you need in one application:

  • Manage samples, resources, instruments, equipment, stock, and suppliers
  • Demonstrate compliance with ISO 17025, GMP, and other regulatory requirements
  • Simplify processes—ensure efficient operations to maximize profits
  • Manage SOPs electronically and ensure analysts follow SOPs for all aspects of process execution
  • Maintain data quality and integrity from sample receipt to report submission
  • Improve traceability and chain of custody using barcodes for samples and locations throughout the lab
  • Drive compliance through secure, future-proof centralized data archiving, retrieval, and visualization
  • Integrate SampleManager with instruments and tools, CDS, ERP, PIMS, and MES to link all your valuable data and enable fast and informed decisions
  • Enable mobile access with LIMS SampleManager software delivered to your tablet connected with Thermo Scientific™ Chromeleon™ Chromatographic Data System (CDS) software to manage the entire chromatography workflow in one integrated solution.

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