DFS High Resolution GC/MS


DFS High Resolution GC/MS

The Thermo Scientific™ DFS™ High-Resolution GC/MS is the most efficient, highest-performing, and extremely easy-to-use magnetic sector mass spectrometer. This spectrometer is highly competent for analyzing Dioxins and Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). DFS helps you to meet worldwide Dioxin, PCB, or PBDE method standards.

Advantages of Magnetic Sector for Dioxin Analysis

Adhere to the official method:

  • Compliance with official Dioxin and POPs methods or regulations (e.g.: EPA 1613).

Confidence in analytical results:

  • Best Dioxin installation specifications (based on 2378-TCDD with 4 sigma noise definition), displayed during DFS Magnetic Sector GC-HRMS installation.
  • Calculation LOD/LOQ uses the real-time detection limit S/N, calculated for each sample analysis.
  • High linearity detection system and matrix independent calibration
  • Automatic mass calibration during each analysis run.

Sensitivity combined with toughness for routine analysis

  • High volume ion source for high sensitivity combined with maximum resistance.
  • High-capacity turbo pump for additional analytical durability.

Real-Time Traceability

  • Lock mass trace for constant monitoring of instrument stability and sample matrix effects, according to official methods (ex: EPA 1613)
  • Evidence for stable selectivity: mass resolution is documented in a log file with each analysis.

Flexibility and Productivity

  • Unique dual GC configuration and optional multi-column installation (up to 4).
  • Flexibility for reference gases, ex: PFK (according to EPA 1613) or FC43, etc.
  • DualData XL option for nearly twice the sample throughput.

Easy to Use and Maintenance

  • Exchangeable ion volume (inner ion source) without vacuum breaking for fast ion source maintenance.
  • Isolation valve for individual ventilation of the ion source housing

Unique Features Magnetic Source

  • Separation of ions in space
  • Mass-independent resolution: homogeneous analytical selectivity over the entire mass range
  • Consistent sensitivity: satisfactory transmission for high masses (ex: BDE-209).
  • Consistent spectrum

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