GC 1600 Series


GC 1600 Series


Gas Chromatograph is a technique for separating chemical substance that relies of differences in partitioning analytes behaviour between mobile phase and stationary phase to separate component in a mixture. The mobile phase is usually an inert gas or an unreactive gas such as helium, argon nitrogen or hydrogen. The stationary phase is a microscopic layer of viscous liquid on a surface of solid particles on an inert solid support inside a piece of glass or metal tubing called a column. 

The Thermo Scientific™ TRACE™ 1600 Series Gas Chromatograph (GC) is the latest technological breakthrough conceived to maximize uptime and profitability. Engineered with the customer in mind, the unique modular design offers a full line of interchangeable injector and detector modules for flexible configurations, elevating efficiency and reducing cost of ownership. Two models are designed to meet specific laboratory needs. The TRACE 1600 GC offers a single-button local interface, which is ideal when minimum instrumental interaction is preferred. The TRACE 1610 GC enhances the user experience through the advanced multi-functional touch screen, providing direct instrumental control and deep interaction with the system. 



  • Maximize uptime and profitability with a unique modular design that provides off-line maintenance and rapid troubleshooting capabilities
  • Enhance efficiency with flexible GC configurations using interchangeable injectors and detectors to address evolving analytical demands 
  • Streamline operations with proprietary, tool-free Thermo Scientific™ iConnect™ Column Lock for quick, safe, and leak-free capillary column installation
  • Conserve helium and reduce operational costs with Thermo Scientific™ HeSaver technology
  • Save bench space and optimize workflow with the most compact and highly configurable GC system in the market
  • Ensure GLP compliance and avoid unplanned downtime through consumable usage, tracking and replacement alerts
  • Facilitate daily operations and routine maintenance with easy-to-follow video guides on the high-resolution touch screen

Always ready to go, the TRACE 1600 Series GC substantially reduces non-productive time due to simplified troubleshooting procedures, off-line maintenance capabilities and a flexible configuration to quickly respond to different analytical priorities.


iConnect Injector & Detector – Full range of self-installable injector and detector modules to minimize GC downtime


iConnect injectors and detectors permit you to share modules with the TRACE 1300 and 1600 Series Gas Chromatographs, increasing return on investment by maximizing instrument productive time.


GC modularity fundamentally transforms the way laboratories manage analytical technology, unlocking new saving opportunities while addressing technical and business needs. The full range of iConnect injectors and detectors for the TRACE 1600 Series Gas Chromatograph enables you to quickly address multiple applications using the same instrument. Because the modules can be shared among all TRACE GC systems in numerous configurations, you don’t need to keep backup systems, just spare modules.



The patented Helium Saver technology is integrated into a dedicated iConnect SSL injector module to reduce carrier gas (helium) consumption down to a few mL/min, especially during high-split operations. This significantly extends the helium cylinder operating life by several years. This proprietary patented split/splitless injector module greatly reduces helium carrier gas consumption, using it only to supply the capillary column, while nitrogen is used for all other injection processes: inlet purge and septum, split flow and sample vaporization.


 Minimized Local Control 

TRACE 1600 GC offers a single button for start/stop maintenance and full instrument control from Chromeleon CDS, ideal when minimum instrument interaction is required.

Advanced local touch screen interface 

TRACE 1610 GC features a multi-functional icon-based touch screen ideal for local instrument control and method development. It offers advanced functionalities for enhanced operability:

Simplify work with an intuitive, multi-function touchscreen Real-time signal, diagnostics, and run log are easy to view. Video tutorials, and interactive graphics for common tasks can be displayed to speed learning and support users’ daily work.


iConnect Column Lock 

Thermo Scientific™ iConnect™ Column Lock enables rapid, tool- and leak-free column installation, without risk of over tightening.

An LED light is integrated into the GC oven of the TRACE Series GC. The light turns on as the GC oven door opens and illuminates the entire oven. This makes operations like column replacement or column connections more comfortable, despite ambient light conditions.




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