pH Meter Orion Star™


pH Meter Orion Star™

Face your pH and ORP Analysis Challenges in the Laboratory and the Field.

The Orion Star™ A and VERSA STAR™ pH meters are built by incorporating features that have been tested and proven reliable by many professionals. New features were created to simplify usage and minimize the time required to train others or learn the instrument from the module. Orion Star pH meters are designed for a wide variety of tests such as pH, mV, ORP, and temperature.

Thermo Scientific Orion Versa Star Series Benchtop pH Meter

The versatile meter features a large color graphical LCD display. The informative (and customizable) screen displays readings, connections, time, date, sample ID, user ID, and calibration information.

Features and Benefits:

  • Choose one of five configurations to set the four channels to your preference
  • Anyone can use this pH meter as it comes with simple language screen instructions, updated function keys for easy selection, and a multilingual interface that supports English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Chinese languages
  • Non-volatile data storage can store up to 2000 data points with time and date stamp details
  • Stores up to 10 methods per channel for customizable procedures to differentiate between tests and/or users
  • Data transfer and software updates are easy with two USB and RS232 ports
  • Includes data analysis software to transfer stored results or display readings in real-time
  • Included electrode arm and redesigned probe holder make it easy to maintain and place the probe into the sample
  • Can be used on almost any AC power source with a universal power adapter
  • IP54-rated housing can resist water splashes

Thermo Scientific Orion Star A320, A220, dan A120 Series Portable pH Meter

Orion A Star Series pH meters meet the challenges of testing outside the laboratory, from sampling to taking readings. Just because you’re testing outside the lab, doesn’t mean the accuracy or quality of your tests should suffer.

orion star a series ph meter portable

Discover the features of the Orion pH meter electrode and its technological capabilities to deliver accurate and reliable pH measurements.

teknologi orion star

Learn more about pH measurement and testing here.

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