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Thermo Scientific Surfer

Surface Analyzer – Thermo Scientific Surfer

Surfer Analyzer applies the principle of static volumetric gas adsorption under controlled temperature and pressure conditions to determine the micro structural properties of solids and powders. Surfer determines rapidly and precisely the following properties of porous materials: 

  • Specific surface area (including krypton BET)
  • Ultra micro, micro and mesopore size distribution
  • Specific pore volume
  • Exposed active sites concentration on catalysts

Thermo Scientific Surfer configurability 

Configurability and modularity are important plus of Thermo Scientific Surfer what is needed to obtain best results in terms of surface area and pore size for any kind of material, from extremely low surface area (non-porous) to very high surfaces and large pore volumes (like in the case of micro and mesopore samples). 

Instrument control, data acquisition and reprocessing

Surfer is computer controlled through a LAN port thus can be connected to a network. The control software has been designed for easy operation. 

A new innovative analytical method set up to collect the experimental points :

  • Mode “Zones” the user can select up to 10 + 10 (adsorption and desorption) pressure regions
  • Mode “NPT” (Next Point Triangulation method) an automatic mode suitable for non-porous, macro and mesoporous materials.
  • Mode “NPLT” (Next Point Logarithmic Triangulation method) specially designed for micro and ultra-microporous materials
  • Acquisition parameters and experimental conditions can also be imported from a previously collected experiment or from a standard method prepared in advance
  • Data reprocessing software is comprehensive of all the latest updates of calculation models, like BET 2 and 3 parameters, Langmuir, NLDFT, ESW, BJH, Horvath-Kavazoe, Saito-Foley and many more.

Thermo Scientific Surfer highlights

  • Modules for analysis and sample preparation can be used independently providing a more flexible lab design
  • Fully configurable to match any analytical demand and budget availability
  • Full set of gauges is available to cover the complete pressure range with maximum resolution
  • Pressure reading zone mounted in closest vicinity of sample zone minimizing dead volumes thus improving sensitivity
  • Specifically designed A/D converter (8 channels at 24 bit plus 4 channels at 12 bit) assure the best resolution in pressure and temperature readings
  • Computer communication through a LAN port allows the remote control of Surfer in a network
  • Surfer can fit up to two of the available vacuum pumps (rotative, diaphragm, scroll, molecular drag or turbo)
  • PID temperature controlled cabinet encloses the manifold and all pressure sensors for unmatched stability
  • New and high precision coolant level control
  • Three vacuum independent degassing stations with two temperature zones up to 450 °C with controlled

Latest and gratest Analyzer of specific surfer area and pore size by gas adsorption such as ceramic materials, powder metal oxides, activated carbons and adsorbents, catalysts, pharmaceuticals, cements and concrete and pigment

What makes Thermo Scientific Surfer the specialist gas adsorption analyzer


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