Thermo Scientific™ iCAP TQ ICP-MS is the solution to future-proofing your laboratory: explore developing markets, push the boundaries of your research and meet the requirements of evolving legislation. Harness the power of Triple Quadrupole (TQ) ICP-MS for uncomplicated analysis in SQ ICP-MS with incredible accuracy. Expand your applications and enhance your laboratory efficiency with this breakthrough technology, which is so easy to use that it can be operated by any analyst.

The iCAP TQ ICP-MS provides the interference removal capability required to efficiently remove these doubly-charge REE interferences, using triple quadrupole technology to filter the ions in quadrupole 1 (Q1), before selective reaction chemistry interference removal using Q2 and finally mass selection of the product ion using Q3. The iCAP TQ ICP-MS was operated in TQ-O2 mode and SQ-KED mode. Or other gases can use for reaction in ICP-MS TQ such as hydrogen, oxygen, or ammoniac. How ICP-MS TQ works?

  • SQ-KED – single quadrupole mode with the CRC pressurized with helium as a collision gas and Kinetic Energy Discrimination (KED) applied.
  • TQ-O2 – triple quadrupole mode with the CRC pressurized with oxygen as a reaction gas, Q1 set to analyte mass (M+) and Q3 set to product ion mass (MO+)
  • For ultimate flexibility, the iCAP TQ ICP-MS enables you to easily switch from SQ to TQ mode in a single sample analysis, providing the best results for your complete suite of elements. 


Schematic showing TQ mass shift mode for Arsenic and Selenium

All parameters in each of the measurement modes were defined automatically by using the autotune procedures provided in the Thermo Scientific™ Qtegra™ Intelligent Scientific Data Solution (ISDS) Software. The autotune functionality ensures that plasma and interface related settings, such as nebulizer flow and extraction lens voltage, are automatically applied across all associated measurement modes so that the sample is processed in exactly the same way in the plasma, independent of the CRC and quadrupole settings.

Reaction Finder (the method development assistant in Qtegra ISDS Software) automatically selects the best mode to use for the analyte measurements.  Let Reaction Finder select the right mode for your analysis: 

  • SQ mode: comparable to SQ-ICP-MS instruments, Q1 transmits all masses 
  • TQ on mass mode: Q1 and Q3 set to the same mass 
  • TQ mass shift mode: Q1 and Q3 set to different masses

The capability of the iCAP TQ ICP-MS in triple quadrupole mode will alleviate common problems in the measurement of trace elements


For Routine 

Robust and easy to use, the iCAP TQ ICP-MS is compact and low maintenance. Routine analysis is elevated to a new level and the high matrix tolerance and exceptional interference removal (even in challenging sample matrices) opens up new applications. Simplified operation from Qtegra ISDS Software means operators do not need to be specialists. 

For Research 

The advanced performance of TQ-ICP-MS technology offers boundless research capabilities. The detection limits and interference removal capabilities essential for new scientific breakthroughs are here.


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