TriPlus™ RSH SMART Autosampler


TriPlus™ RSH SMART Autosampler

Operate TriPlus™ RSH SMART Autosampler from Thermo Scientific to perform your daily sample preparation automatically and reliably. Actions such as sequential dilution, calibration dilution, standards addition, batch and sequential sample derivatization, heating/mixing, and vortexing, now you can easily do them!
Thanks to SMART technology, consumable usage information is stored on the SMART chip. Thus, you can access it directly from the chromatography data system. This capability eliminates concerns about replacement time for consumables. In addition, you can schedule maintenance while eliminating the risk of overuse that could compromise analysis results.


  • Increase laboratory efficiency through sample preparation automation
  • Improve data quality
  • Gain more confidence in your analytical results with validated SMART consumables.
  • Ease of tracking with SMART consumables tracking
  • Optimize consumables management with usage tracking and health notifications from the Thermo Scientific™ Chromeleon™ Chromatographic Data System (CDS).

Triplus™ RSH SMART Autosampler handles samples with extraordinary automation capabilities. This autosampler automates the entire workflow, from sample preparation to injection. As a result, the precision of analysis results will increase and allow for flexibility and productivity that you have never encountered in GC and GC-MS analysis before. You can prepare samples with various sampling methods (liquid, headspace, and solid phase microextraction) by Triplus™ RSH SMART Autosampler. Dilution, mixing, vortexing, heating/cooling, and centrifugation are automated. Produce precise and high-quality results.

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