Savant™ SpeedVac™ Sample Preparation


Savant™ SpeedVac™ Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation from Thermo Scientific Savant™ SpeedVac™

Thermo Scientific™ Savant™ SpeedVac™ SPD1030 and SPD2030 Vacuum Concentrators are fully integrated systems that combine concentrator, refrigerated cold trap, diaphragm pump and vacuum gauge in a single, compact unit.


  • Proven reliability: Over 50 years of experience stand behind the Savant SpeedVac family of products. Each unit contains an oil-free PTFE diaphragm vacuum pump, making it virtually maintenance-free.
  • Speed and efficient solvent removal: Rapid evaporation and efficient solvent removal is enhanced with a radiant cover, while vacuum ramping and pressure controls eliminate sample bumping to maintain sample integrity.
  • Ease of use: Integrated design and intuitive user interface ensure simplicity and control. The intuitive control panel incorporates a bright display and offers three preset programs and three user-defined programs. Oil-free vacuum source eliminates the need to add or change oil. Data integrity and transfer ability to download data from a USB port.
  • Safety assurance: SpeedVac Sample Preparation Systems’ standard glass lids are equipped with a soft-close mechanism that locks securely to help ensure safety for both samples and technicians.


Product specification of SpeedVac SPD1030 Integrated System and SpeedVac SPD 2030 Integrated System


  • Proteomics
  • Metabolite research
  • Drug and forensic testing
  • Environmental sampling
  • Life Science
  • Biotech
  • Academic Research
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Industial
  • Agriculture
  • Foood

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