Liquid Chromatography Columns


Liquid Chromatography Columns

Liquid Chromatography Columns collection:

Hypersil Gold HPLC and UHPLC Columns

Our flagship family of high purity silica based columns designed to provide excellent peak shape for HPLC and LC/MS analysis

  • Excellent peak shape and symmetry
  • Outstanding efficiency, increased sensitivity and improved resolution
  • A range of 12 chemistries to optimize separations and increase productivity
  • Capillary to preparatory columns
  • Particle size 1.9μm (for UHPLC application) to 12μm
  • Specialized hardware for high throughput and other applications
  • Highly pure (99.999%) silica
  • Novel bonding and endcapping
  • Even surface
  • Reduced silanols
  • Less peak tailing
  • Outstanding peak symmetry

Extended range of selectivity –12 options for outstanding peak shape using:

  • Reversed phase,
  • Ion exchange,
  • Normal phase,
  1. Hypersil GOLD : Outstanding peak shape using generic gradients with C18 selectivity
  2. Hypersil GOLD C8 : Similar selectivity but with less retention
  3. Hypersil GOLD aQ : Polar endcappedC18 can be used for challenging reverse phase separations employing highly aqueous mobile phases
  4. Hypersil GOLD PFP : Alternative selectivity in reverse phase applications, particularly for aromatic and halogenated compounds
  5. Hypersil GOLD CN : For both reversed and normal phase separations
  6. Hypersil GOLD Phenyl : Alternative selectivity in reverse phase applications, particularly for aromatic compounds
  7. Hypersil GOLD C4  :  Short alkyl chain length, low hydrophobicity column for less retention
  8. Hypersil GOLD Amino :  demonstrates excellent chromatographic properties in three modes: weak anion exchange, reversed phase and normal phase.
  9. Hypersil GOLD AX  :  Separate proteins, peptides, anionic species and polar molecules
  10. Hypersil GOLD SAX : Highly stable silica-based quarternaryamine strong anion exchange column, designed for aqueous mobile phase
  11. Hypersil GOLD Silica : High efficiency column for non-polar and moderately polar organic compounds by normal phase chromatography
  12. Hypersil GOLD HILIC : Enhanced retention of polar and hydrophilic compounds

liquid chromatography columns


Accucore HPLC and UHPLC Columns

Solid core particles enabling high speed, high resolution separations. 

Ultimate Core Performance -Speed and Selectivity Combined

  • Solid core particles for fast separations with superb resolution
  • Wide range of phases to meet all your separation needs
  • Exceptionally rugged and easy to use columns
  • Solid Core Particles –With a solid central core and porous outer layer, these particles generate high speed, high resolution separations without excessive backpressure
  • Automated Packing Process -Enhanced automated procedures ensure that all columns are packed with the highest quality
  • Tight Control of Particle Diameter –Enhanced selection process keeps particle size distribution to a minimum and produces high efficiency columns
  • Advanced Bonding Technology –Optimised phase bonding creates a series of high coverage, robust phases


  1. Accucore RP-MS : Optimized for MS detection, excellent combination of speed and quality of separation
  2. Accucore C18: Optimum retention for non-polar analytes
  3. Accucore C8 : Lower hydrophobicity than C18 recommended for analytes with moderate hydrophobicity
  4. Accucore aQ :  Compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases, special selectivity for polar analytes
  5. Accucore Polar Premium : Rugged amide embedded C18 phase that offers complimentary selectivity toC18
  6. Accucore Phenyl-Hexyl : Unique selectivity for aromatic and moderately polar analytes
  7. Accucore Phenyl-X : Unique reversed-phase shape selectivity with high aromatic selectivity
  8. Accucore PFP : Alternative selectivity to C18, particularly for halogenated analytes
  9. Accucore C30 : High shape selectivity for hydrophobic, long chain, structurally related isomers
  10. Accucore HILIC : Enhanced Retention of polar and hydrophilic analytes
  11. Accucore Urea-HILIC  :  Unique HILIC selectivity and low ion exchange activity

Liquid chromatography columns Accucore


Acclaim HPLC and UHPLC Columns

Optimal selectivity through innovative chemistries

Designed for separating a variety of analytes, from small neutral and polar molecules to complex mixtures. Ideal for pharmaceutical, environmental, food and beverage and chemical applications.

Diversified selectivities

  • Novel and proprietary surface chemistries Reproducible and reliable
  • Strict manufacturing and quality processes High efficiencies
  • For optimum resolution of complex mixtures Ultra-pure, porous, spherical silica
  • Providing consistent quality and performance liquid chromatography columns and accessories


  1. Acclaim AmG C18 : Aminoglycoside antibiotics separation
  2. Acclaim Trinity P1 and P2 : API & counterion analysis
  3. Acclaim organic acid : Fast organic acid analysis
  4. Acclaim surfactant and surfactant plus :  Separation of surfactants
  5. Acclaim explosives  : Separation of explosive residues
  6. Acclaim Trinity Q1 : Diquat and paraquat analysis
  7. Acclaim Carbamate : The separation of carbamate pesticides
  8. Acclaim Carbonyl C18 :  Separation of DNPHderivatives of aldehydes and ketones

liquid chromatography column acclaim

Syncronis HPLC and UHPLC Columns

Thermo Scientific™ Syncronis™ HPLC columns are used to achieve Consistent, reproducible separations, column after column, time after time. Chemistries available for a variety of applications.

  • Highly pure, high surface area silica
  • Dense bonding and double endcapping
  • Stringent manufacturing and testing protocols
  • Available in variety of packing materials : C18, C8, aQ, Phenyl, Amino, Silica, HILIC
  • Particle sizes: 5 μm particle size for conventional HPLC applications and with 1.7 μm particle size for high speed, high efficiency UHPLC separations.

Kolom Syncronis


HyperCarb Liquid Chromatography Columns

HPLC columns packed with porous graphitic carbon offering alternative selectivity to silica based columns

  • Unique 100% porous graphitic carbon
  • Exceptional retention of very polar analytes
  • Separation of structurally similar substances
  • pH stable from 0 to 14
  • Ideal for high temperature applications
  • Capillary to preparatory columns
  • Range of hardware options



Preparative LC Columns

Scale up to more options

Liquid chromatography columns in every format, media and size. For Prep liquid chromatography columns, one size does not fit all. Whether you need unique chemistries for difficult separations, XtendedLife columns for longer use, or budget-friendly solutions for routine separations, we deliver. Our full range of column hardware offers robust performance and our wide variety of chemistries makes it easy to scale-up from your current analytical method.

Expect reproducible results with sample prep, columns and vials

Preparative scale liquid chromatography is used for purification and isolation of molecules, which are of value in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and associated chemical industries. The production of highly pure compounds in these industries is increasingly important in terms of the chemical activity, toxicity and usefulness for screening in highly defined and costly experimental processes.

These processes start on an analytical scale with only a few micrograms of material (e.g., for enzymes in biopharmaceutical applications) or a few milligrams (e.g., for structural or identification of synthesized or natural products). Further along the process, gram quantities are usually required for standard and reference compounds or compounds targeted for pharmacology and toxicology testing.

Phase properties

Preparative HPLC columns are available in 40 chemistries* for maximum flexibility and options to scale up analytical methods with chemistry continuity for easy method transfer.

Column Hardware

Standard threaded and standard flange hardware

  • Expertly packed and robustly designed to balance cost and lifetime for routine use
  • Made of high quality stainless steel for standard applications up to 200 mm i.d.
  • Standard threaded hardware for column i.d. < 40 mm and standard flange hardware for column i.d. ≥ 40 mm
  • Can be modified on request to be compatible with supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC)

XtendedLife hardware

  • Extends column lifetime by incorporating an internal Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC) system, ensuring the media bed is continuously packed tightly
  • Compatible with SFC and is available in dimensions up to 50 mm i.d.

kolom Preparative


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