ARGUS VI Noble Gas Mass Spectrometer


ARGUS VI Noble Gas Mass Spectrometer

ARGUS VI™ Noble Gas MS is a revolutionary static vacuum mass spectrometer. Capable of simultaneously measuring five isotopes: Neon, Argon, Krypton, or Xenon. The ARGUS VI comprises a magnetic sector analyzer with a 13cm, 90° extended geometry ion optic, providing a powerful dispersion of 26cm. This geometry combines ion-optical performance with bidirectional focusing and high dispersion.

One of the main features of ARGUS VI is its internal volume of ~700cc. Additionally, equipped with an X & Z focused Nier type light source that provides a sensitivity of over 1 x 10-3 Amps/Torr at <1 mA source current for Argon.

The Array collector incorporates 5 Faraday detectors, allowing simultaneous collection of 36, 37, 38, 39, and 40 masses. This Faraday cup contains a high-gain amplifier circuit. It empowers the amplification of 1010, 1011, and 1012 Ohm measuring resistors. This temperature controller evacuated amplifier has an extended measuring range of 50V, compared to only 10V before.
The Faraday cup amplifier has internal electronic cross-calibration that accurately calibrates all five channels. Set an optional ion counter electron multiplier to Low 3 Mass. The latest version of the Compact Discrete Dynode (CDD) electron multiplier has an ion counting efficiency of 80% with a built-in noise of 10 CPM. In addition, ARGUS VI is designed to produce exhaust gas lower.

Beam Deflection Technology

ARGUS VI Noble Gas MS includes a new electrostatic beam deflection technology that allows the simultaneous measurement of multiple isotopes across their fixed array.

Multiplier Performance Details

  • Dynamic range: 1 CPS to ~1,400,000 CPS
  • Dark noise: < 10 CPM (usually 0.2 CPM)
  • Stability: < 0.2 % drift per hour at 100 KCPS

Performance Details

  • A highly efficient ion source with a sensitivity of over 1 x 10-3 Amps/Torr at <1mA source current coupled to an industry-leading ~700 cc internal volume.
  • Able to measure all five argon isotopes simultaneously. No peak jumping is required. It will lead to reduced analysis time and greater productivity.
  • The advanced collector array incorporates several new features, including beam deflection technology for dynamic multi-metering with a fixed collector array. Electronically calibrated 1e10 / 1e11 / 1e12 amplifiers with a 50-volt range allow most analyses to perform on durable Faraday detectors. CDD multiplier technology enables high counting rates coupled with very low noise.
  • Footprints. The ARGUS VI mass spectrometer is the most compact noble gas system available.

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