Vials, Well Plates, & Crimpers dan Decrimpers


Vials, Well Plates, & Crimpers dan Decrimpers

Vials, well plates, crimpers and decrimpers for chromatography untuk kromatografi by Thermo Scientific



Our portfolio contains the most comprehensive selection of vials and closures from microsampling to headspace to match all of your application and autosampler requirements. The portfolio focuses on improved sample security and integrity with the Thermo Scientific™ AVCS™ 9mm closures and the Thermo Scientific™ SureStop™ 9mm screw top vial range. 

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AVCS closures and SureStop vials

Top reasons why chemists should consider Advanced Vial Closure System (AVCS) Closures and SureStop Vials 

Features of 9mm wide opening, integral membrane and solid top closures:

  1. AVCS closures along with SureStop vials significantly reduce the error rate of analysis that results from evaporation of the solvent in improperly sealed vials.
  2. Re-analysis costs are reduced, sample data integrity increases, and sample throughput increases. 
  3. No need to use bulky crimpers – AVCS closures with SureStop vials seal as well as crimp top vials.
  4. The leveling feature of AVCS designed vials gives more autosampler compatibility with less autosampler interruptions, due to mishandled vials.
  5. AVCS design allows for consistent sealing, eliminating user-to-user variance.
  6. SureStop design provides a positive feedback closure that creates more consistent data, which for a researcher is almost as important as the actual result.

AVCS Closures together with SureStop vials significantly reduce the error rate of analysis that results from evaporation of the solvent in vials which are not sealed correctly.

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National vials and closures

  • Comprehensive instrument compatibility, “correct fit”
  • The industry’s widest selection innovative products for challenging applications
  • Quality products in glass (1st hydrolytic class glass (Type 1) in clear and amber, meets all requirements of Pharm. US, EU, JPN)
  • Certified and Mass Spec Certified Vial Kits
  • The leading manufacturer of vials and closures in North America since 1986
  • In-house product development team
  • Leading company in convenience and assembled kits

Choose from a large selection of Thermo Scientific™ National™ vials and closures to match your application and autosampler requirements.

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MS certified vials

When your instrumentation, sample handling and methodology is pushing the limits, a chromatography vial that can keep up is essential. 

  • The only chromatography vials precleaned to provide unmatched consistency
  • The first low particle, low background 
  • Pre-cleaned vial packaging protects the product integrity
  • Tested and certified for up to 15 critical physical characteristics affecting vial performance
  • Positive ESI LC-MS and GC-MS chromatograms included in each pack

The first and only pre-cleaned, low particle, low background chromatography vial. Learn more at








Chromacol vials dan closures

  • Innovative products in micro- and precision sampling
  • High quality, stringent manufacturing tolerances, have been extensively tested for comprehensive autosampler compatibility
  • Products developed in close technical cooperation with the instrument manufacturers
  • Detailed information regarding material specifications and compatibility
  • Competent and experienced worldwide distributor network

Choose from a large selection of Thermo Scientific Chromacol, including GOLD Vials which provide highest levels of inertness to avoid adhesion at low concentrations and for critical analytes. Learn more at

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Crimpers dan Decrimpers

  • Crimping tools provide a reproducible, secure vial closure for all 20mm vial and seal combinations
  • Easy and convenient handling
  • High quality construction for durability and long life
  • Fine textured surface (powder coated) for a better grip and corrosion resistance
  • Speed up your workflow with our tools for opening, closing and disposing of vials.


Electronic crimping and decrimping tools

Adjustable crimp and highest sample security. 

Product features and benefits:

  • One hand operation with a simple push of a button
  • Error message feedback after the incorrect crimping process
  • Adjustable settings for best crimp results
  • Actual crimp power setting displayed on the color screen
  • 8 different languages available – EN, CN, JA, DE, FR, ES, IT, KO
  • Statistics and log of recent crimping results
  • Motor with extended lifetime and no particle emission

consumable - electronic crimping

Well plates for chromatography

A full selection of high quality sample well plates for your UHPLC, LC and GC applications.

We offer a comprehensive range of Thermo Scientific 96- and 384- well plates for complex and routine analyses in high-throughput screening laboratories.

We offer a broad selection of polypropylene (PP) well plates that meet ANSI and SBS standards with different sealing options and fit most manifolds, autosamplers, and robots.

Handle more samples in less time

  • Low volume and high recovery cavity  

Solutions for all applications

  • Chromatography tested for solvent compatibility and inertness

Ultimate sample security

  • No leaching due to high-end material


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