IRMS 253 Plus 10 kV


IRMS 253 Plus 10 kV

The 253 Plus 10 kV IRMS is unique in its capability to achieve high precision measurements from the smallest amounts of sample and smallest ion beams even from complex isotopologue systems while providing the widest dynamic range in class.

The compact 10 kV design of the 253 Plus 10 kV IRMS with its complete analyzer on one monolithic metal cast plate guarantees outstanding long term stability and robustness. The analyzer geometry with stigmatic focusing and a constant mass dispersion of 460 mm is the foundation of the 253 Plus 10 kV IRMS analytical performance and robustness. The magnetic sector field is generated by a uniquely shaped electromagnet. The field strength is controlled by a high precision current regulator, which is under full data system control. Perfect peak shapes and unrivaled mass resolving power over the whole focal plane plus a mass range, which covers all stable isotope ratio applications, translate directly into sensitivity, precision, stability and robustness.

Collectors for C, N, O, S, Si, Ar, Kr, and Xe are located at the focal plane of the full deflection radius. They use deep, individually shielded Faraday cups with secondary electron suppression. Signals from up to eight individual cups can be acquired simultaneously, depending on the applications.

The development of clumped isotope analysis was based on the design and features of the Thermo Scientific 10 kV technology. Very small ion beams and a high dynamic range of the isotopologue systems require special care about minor secondary effects that can be amplified together with the minor ion beams. Few scattered ions from the cardinal mass can result in depletion of the baselines on the minor ion beams. The new 253 Plus 10 kV IRMS collector design takes care of these requirements.


Key Features of the 253 Plus 10kV IRMS 

  • 10 kV acceleration voltage for highest sensitivity 
  • “Extra bright” ion source combining highest sensitivity and linearity 
  • Variable ion source conductance (VISC) for enhanced pumping of “sticky” gases 
  • All-metal sealed analyzer with gold gaskets for ultra high vacuum 
  • Differential pumping for lowest analyzer backgrounds 
  • Monolithic ion optical bench for highest ion beam stability 
  • Mass range m/z 1-150 at full 10 kV acceleration voltage 
  • Mass resolution > 200 with a Mass Resolving Power > 900 (m/Δm) 
  • Up to 12 Faraday cups 
  • Unique shielded “clumped isotope” collector design for lowest baseline contribution 
  • Removal of scattered ions for high precision measurement of all minor isotopes 
  • 1013 ohm amplifiers for smallest signals with best signal/noise 
  • Analytical dynamic range >107
  • Fast amplifiers with low noise technology 
  • Computer switchable amplifier gains 
  • Dedicated hydrogen collector for dual inlet and continuous flow applications 
  • Unique energy filter built into the m/z 3 cup for interference-free continuous flow HD applications


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