TSQ 9610 Triple Quadrupole GC MS/MS


TSQ 9610 Triple Quadrupole GC MS/MS

The Thermo Scientific™ TSQ 9610 GC MS MS system is a triple quadrupole Gas Chromatography platform designed to revolutionize laboratory productivity by delivering high performance, ease of use, and uptime. The end goal, facilitate cost-per-sample reduction.
Unlike other systems, the TSQ 9610 GC MS MS system offers laboratories the opportunity to select best-in-class SRM performance. The TSQ 9610 GC-MS/MS system offers performance that addresses increasingly challenging regulatory requirements while providing an effective and easy-to-use tool for both experienced and new users.


  • Light detection of compounds/chemicals in arduous matrices or matrix de-stressing in analytical systems with Advanced Electron Ionization (AEI) sources, available in exceptional configurations.
  • Take the hassle out of setup with SmartTune.
  • Increase instrument productivity with patented NeverVentTM technology.
  • Choose from basic systems to advanced systems configurations for increased flexibility and performance whenever you need.
  • Allows consolidation of methods and increases instrument uptime with extended dynamic range detectors and long lifetime.


NeverVent Technologies Improves Productivity Undeniably

NeverVent technology, The Vacuum Probe Interlock (VPI), and the V-Lock source plug make instrument maintenance easy. Thus, you can easily remove columns and clean the ion source without removing the mass technology. Of course, this further increases the working time. NeverVent technology is available in Thermo Scientific™ ExtractaBrite™ and Thermo Scientific™ Advanced Electron Ionization (AEI) sources.

Mass Analyzer

  • Heated off-axis ion guide (Quadrupole Pre-filter, Q0), for noise reduction and solid, homogeneous, uncoated, maintenance-free quadrupole rod.
  • Fast quadrupole scanning, up to 20,000 u/s.

Scan Speed

  • Up to 20,000 u/s.
  • Ability to obtain more than 97 scans/sec in FS when scanning over a 125 u range.
  • Minimum SRM idle time of 0.5 ms.
  • Up to 800 SRM transitions/sec.

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